There is practically a galaxy of Lenphor Tressure Matte Lipstick shades out there, where each shade is more enticing than the other. And then, there are matte velvet red lipsticks. The queen of them all. An object of eternal desire. Every woman wants a piece of it. But then, this queen has many shades to her. Which one exactly would you want for yourself..?

Don’t stress it. We are here to help you paint those lips red as a rose!

Tressure Matte Lipstick

Treasure Matte Claret Red Lipstick for Fair/ Light Skin Tone

The best lipstick in red for fair skin is the blue-red hue which readily complements the natural pink undertone of your skin. So, go for cool reds (coral, cherry) which will make your lips pop and perfectly complement your fair complexion.

Tressure Matte Lipstick

Treasure Matte Crimson Red Lipstick for Wheatish/Medium Skin Tone

The best thing about having a wheatish/medium skin tone is its compatibility with any of the red lipstick shades. You can pull off pretty much any cool or warm red shade. However, some shades like orange-red and blood-red transcend their counterparts to bring you that insta-worthy pout.

Tressure Matte Lipstick

Treasure Matte Supernova Red Lipstick for Dusky/Dark Skin

Dark skin can carry intense red variants with confidence while exuding seductive vibes. Deep reds with an orange or brown tint are made for darker skin. A glossy or shimmery dimension wouldn’t be off the track either. Look for hues of wine, berries, or brick reds to make your day special.

A branded lipstick may have its perks. But an incorrect shade is a recipe for ‘red face’. Go for a decent brand with the right shade and properties, viz., matte lipstick, waterproof lipstick, or glossy lipstick. Once you discover your special one, swipe good, swipe right!

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